The Flute Family




  There are more members in the flute family than one might think. Cambia Flute Ensemble uses the piccolo, C flute, alto flute, and bass flute in various combinations. Though the size of the instruments vary and some are pitched in different keys, the fingerings are the same for all. Other flute ensembles also incorporate the E flat flute and contrabass flute. Read below for more information about the flutes played by Cambia.  
    The piccolo plays 1 octave higher than the concert C flute. It comes in silver or wooden models, or a combination of both.



    The 'C' flute (named for the key in which it is pitched), or concert flute, is the flute with which most people are familiar and is the flute most typically heard in bands and orchestras.




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Cambia Flute Ensemble

      The alto flute is pitched in the key of G, a major forth lower than the C flute. It has a larger diameter, is longer than the C flute, and has a rich, mellow tone. It can be played with either a straight or curved headjoint.




      The bass flute is pitched a full octave lower than the C flute. It always uses a curved headjoint so the player can reach the keys more comfortably. It has an even deeper tone than the alto and requires even more air volume.